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Over the years I have noticed that many people go on a detox program as a form of redemption, to make up for a “bad” period of time. What if we instead, chose to go on a detox program to re-connect, deepen our quality of being or bring about more clarity?

We don’t normally see the word energetic in front of detox program, but it might just be worthwhile pondering. Have you experienced a workplace, family or relationship where the culture and every day dynamics were toxic? We can feel deflated, down, drained, heavy, scattered, shattered, agitated, the list goes on . . . Energetically we are absorbing like a sponge.

What about the often toxic way we treat ourselves? Think – criticism, internal cringe, judgement and perpetual self-doubt, not just fleeting thoughts or feelings, the way we interact with ourself is an energetic exchange that leaves its mark.

Now for the big ONE. What about our heavy living! All nighters, sugar binges, and every which way that we have treated our body . . . the way we eat, sleep, drink, and / or party. All of this takes a physical toll on our body but also affects us energetically. We are constantly storing our life experiences in our body (energetic imprints) and this for many people is an energetically lethal cocktail.

Is it any wonder why we feel so Blah a lot of the time?

To detox energetically is actually quite simple, it requires us to make different choices, choosing to remove elements of our life that are toxic. Put yourself on an energetic detox program where you assess what it is that is toxic in your life. Simple yes but maybe not easy.

Click your fingers and . . .

  • Change how you feel and interact within toxic environments.
  • Let go of baggage and ingrained feelings of self loathing.
  • Eradicate self criticism.
  • Treat your body with respect and care.

O.K. maybe not so easy though.

In my experience, unless these things are approached from a healing perspective, nothing changes. We might try to force ourselves to make different choices from stubborn willpower but inevitably these ingrained patterns keep returning in different flavours to haunt us. I am yet to come across a healing modality that can address energetic detox better than Chakra-puncure. The Energetic Detox program otherwise known as the Chakra-puncture Energetic Detox program is worth considering if you are feeling stuck, heavy, toxic and ready to make change.

How many times have you said I am so over this? Or I am sick and tired of this?

Old and ingrained patterns can keep us in the cycle of toxicity and make it seem difficult to change our ways.



The Chakra-puncture Energetic Detox program provides a platform for clients to start peeling away the layers that stop them from making healthy and loving choices. Long before we physically burden our body with toxins, we have energetically taken on layers of “stuff”, and it is this “baggage” that can mean we turn to unhealthy behaviours in the first place.

What are you allowing, accepting and perpetuating in your life?

The Chakra-puncture Energetic Detox Program is much, much, more than attempting to will yourself to eat a certain way, and includes a shedding of the many burdens, conditionings, beliefs, ideals, and shoulds or shouldn’ts we subscribe to that hold us back.

I want to share a little more about the logistics of the Chakra-puncture detox program (which I know many of you are a huge fan of) because there really isn’t anything like it out there and I think it is a travesty that not everyone knows about it. I am not into gimmicks or quick fixes or health fads and this program is definitely none of that, instead, each program is a deeply personal exploration into what is next for you in your life. What I find incredible about these programs is that everyone is so different and what unfolds is such a clearly evolving shift for each client within their lives, which is profound not only for themselves but also for everyone around them.

Chakra-Puncture Energetic Detox programs are not focussed on finding a ‘fix’, solution or outcome but instead are a way to truly deal with aspects of our life that hold us back. This can be everything ranging from eating behaviours to our relationships with others.

I encourage anyone who feels they are ready for a shift in their life to consider offering yourself a detox program some time this year.

How to Book a session

If you are lucky enough to live in Brisbane Australia, you can click the button below to book a chakra-puncture session where we can discuss the detox program in more detail and whether it is the right fit for you at this point in time. If you live overseas or out of town, we can organise a series of Healing consult skype sessions where we explore detox from a healing perspective. Depending on where you live, I may also be able to recommend a practitioner who can offer you the Chakra-puncture energetic detox program.



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