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Our Business Consults offer true insight into the state your business is in, with this awareness and loving support, not only will this provide your with a sense of deeper purpose, but you, your staff, your clients and your business will naturally flourish.

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Over the last 20 years in business I have learnt a lot. I have ticked many boxes as a practitioner and clinic owner, from starting with absolutely nothing to building a large, successful, multi-modality, clinic.

I have been in business before the internet, after the internet, with staff, without staff, with money, without money, business partners or solo, as well as expanded my clinic before and after having children. I am super sharp when it comes to hiring, firing, developing staff, resourcing, outsourcing, building a successful business, a successful online business, developing courses, public speaking, teaching, networking, marketing etc, etc.

Some things in business have come super easy to me, while other things have  required some humbling and learning.  In simple terms you could say I have learnt a lot of what not to do, as well as what to do. There is nothing prescriptive about running a business, which is why it's so important to have people in your corner that you can bounce off.  This is whats on offer through my Business Consultations, true support and wise counsel for you to reach your full potential in work.


Our Business Consults are for you if...


you'd like a deeper understanding of your strengths as a business owner and what you offer your staff and customers ?

Dealing with your own issues and reactions

you are coming home completely exhausted and overwhelmed - we promise, theres another way

Parenting Guilt

If you're feeling unheard, disrespected or walked-over by your staff members

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You feel like the next step is right there for your business but you aren't sure how to take that step.... or even what it is yet?

Investing in your business is important and our business consults will offer you a point of difference. Have you ever wanted to feel a deeper purpose within your business, know how to reach more people or take your business online? Rebecca has extensive insight into supporting small to medium business, online business and service industry businesses.

Business Consults

What can they support you with?

with Getting clear on what the next steps are for your business

with navigating staff dynamics & building a harmonious culture within the workplace

In moving your business online or building greater pressence online

In creating systems that truly support your staff & clientele 

with developing advertising campaigns 

with groupwork, whether internally or externally

In expanding your business & taking it to the next level

in learning how to be a true authority in your field. 


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Book an in-person appointment now or check out times and availability through our online booking system. If you do not live in Brisbane you can book a skype Relationship Consultations with Rebecca which offers insight and understanding into your relationships, or you are welcome to contact our clinic and we can connect you with other practitioners around the world.