Chakra-puncture is a modern day needling therapy that supports clients to rejuvenate, reconstitute and restore themselves back into a state of vitality and health that many have forgotten is possible. People often struggle to sleep well, feel content within themselves, have quality relationships, feel a sense of purpose, feel vital and feel able to completely relax. This is a huge reduction in quality of living and it is becoming way too common. This is without taking into account the ever increasing rates of cancer, obesity, auto-immune conditions, menstrual disorders, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. There is becoming an increasing acceptance of disease and illness as the norm and an inevitable part of life.

We live in a world that does not generally accept that life encompasses far more than what the eyes can physically see. Chakra-puncture is a modality that understands and fully addresses the fact that we are constantly feeling, experiencing, and engaging with ourselves and others on a deeper, energetic level. Without a true understanding of energy, we will always be in the dark as to how and why we get sick. Chakra-puncture complements medicine and all it offers, by bringing an in-depth understanding of the energetic aspects of health and wellness, illness and disease.


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Healthy Sleep and Insomnia

Conversations involving sleep are often centred around the hours of sleep we get, the amount of time it takes us to fall asleep and whether our sleep has been disturbed or not, etc. Although these aspects are important, the most all encompassing conversations around sleep include reflecting on our quality of sleep.  Each night we have the opportunity to completely surrender to reconstituting sleep that leaves us feeling clear, alive and deeply rested. Ask yourself:  how do you feel when you wake up? Do you feel like you have been run over by a truck? Do you need time, a shower, exercise, or a coffee to feel OK?

Chakra-puncture supports us to settle more in our body and resolve the stress and tension of the day.

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Understanding Relationships

Every single relationship within our life, including those with parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues and society as a whole, has an immense impact on our well-being. Relationships have the potential to offer us tremendous healing and personal growth or they can be toxic and poisonous, contributing to what feels like our total undoing. One of the most capping beliefs in our world is that "good" relationships are built on compromise, however in truly nourishing relationships there is absolutely no compromise, but an ever-deepening understanding of who the other person is and the depth of insight they can offer.

Chakra-puncture supports to clear the backlog of self-doubt and criticism that can undermine relationships, as well as address past hurts and unresolved emotions that can weigh down relationships.


Chakra-puncture is complementary

to medicine

Chakra-puncture is a healing therapy that addresses health, stress and lifestyle issues on an energetic level. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine; in fact works as a complement to medical treatment and is a truly complementary medicine modality. Our practice receives referrals from many different health professionals, including doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists, working together for the benefit of the client.

"It is with a unified approach to illness, health and well-being from leading healing practitioners and medical professionals alike that provides the best outcomes for patients."

– Rebecca Poole
clinic owner
Rebecca Poole's

Chakra-puncture experience


As a young person I was always able to feel energy. I knew that every thing, every person and every interaction had energy behind it. I could see that the energetic exchanges of life were affecting people in ways they weren't fully aware of. When I was 16 years old I decided the world needed to know about energy so I chose to move to Brisbane and study acupuncture, a degree that offered the then rare combination of biomedical science and energetic theory.

I was committed and dedicated to acupuncture, having studied a 4 year degree, a post-graduate masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as building a successful and busy clinical practice where I employed several other acupuncturists to work alongside me.


I spent 11 years of my life learning all I could about

chinese medicine

I did this to support others and also because I thought it was the best way to continue building a successful practice. However, the more clinical experience I gained, the more that I felt that chinese medicine was not the answer. Knowing what was taught in the acupuncture course was predominantly a product of Mao communist China, I turned to the classical texts to study more of the "purity" of TCM. Along with 2 trips to China working in teaching hospitals, I had felt like I had left no stone unturned and could earnestly say that the real health and healing answers for which I was searching would not come from within chinese medicine.

In 2009 I chose to study Universal Medicine Therapies and changed my way of practice to chakra-puncture, sacred esoteric healing, esoteric massage and connective tissue therapy. At last I had found what I had been looking for all those years ago at age 16, when I decided the world needed to truly understand energy.

Over the years my clinic has become less about me being successful in life or making other people proud but instead has become a loving dedication to offering something of value to Brisbane and our local community on the Northside. As such we hold FREE monthly meditation and are always looking to partner with other people for true community advancement.

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