Sacred Esoteric


a gentle hands-on healing technique that re-establishes a true vibrancy within the body, removing disharmonious, energetic stressors and tensions.

This frees the body from old patterns and ways of living, leaving a person free to choose a more loving and healthy life. Esoteric healing is an important part of life, as it provides an avenue for people to truly address the stress and emotions that contribute to their dis-ease. It supports with clarity and understanding while providing a common sense and practical approach to life.

Why choose

Sacred Esoteric Healing?

As a society we are living under enormous

stress and tension.

This is demonstrated by the ever increasing prevalence of anxiety, depression, suicide, self harm, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse. Tension in and of itself is not a bad thing, and it is actually a necessary and important precursor to healing. Tension in its purest form can lead us to question life, questioning the status quo and listening more intently to what we feel as true from within.

Interestingly, when we feel what is true within and are prepared to action this, we experience an easing, if not complete dissipation of the tension. What is problematic is if we feel like we do not know how to deal with the tension and we avoid dealing with it, preferring to push it aside through distractions or self medication; all the while the tensions continue to build. Sacred Esoteric Healing supports a client to develop a depth of relationship with themselves that is naturally sacred. This depth and inner knowing provides a way to naturally be in life and means we are able to deal with the inner tensions as they occur. This true steadiness and steadfastness occurs as we live from our soul, which is not only possible, but actually innately accessible for everyone.


Stress, anxiety, depression and emotional turmoil are all states of being that are commonly experienced.

Often people have lived in these states so frequently and/or for so long that they no longer feel like themselves. They instead know themselves only through the emotions they experience. Sometimes, the root cause of these emotional conditions are known to clients, but the pattern continues to play out in their life. Others struggle in knowing how they have ended up in the state they are in. However, known or unknown, there is always an underlying cause or energetic imprint held in your body, feeding the emotional condition. To further complicate this, we also allow others' emotions to drain or burden us, adding to our turmoil. If we are honest and open, Sacred Esoteric Healing can help us find the root cause of our problems, as well as the loving solutions - in effect this is you becoming your own healer.



We have become so accustomed to living less than vital, even exhausted, that vitality seems to be an elusive and unattainable ideal, and not a real or sustainable quality of living. True vitality represents so much more than merely the ability to get through a day not feeling tired; it is a spark and an all encompassing 'YES' to life. Vitality naturally occurs when we do not compromise who we are and live a fully regarding life, in every detail, within every way.



"Livingness" is a term that refers to our ability to live deeper truths that are known within. Many situations in life can seem impossible or overwhelming, and many people give up on any true or lasting contentment. During a Sacred Esoteric Healing session, the energetic imprints and patterns of behaviours we carry start to clear, and it is much easier to feel for ourselves what is a more true and loving approach to life. A client is supported to be able to bring everything they have connected to and experienced on the treatment table into their daily life; in other words, increasing the strength of their Livingness.



Sacred Esoteric Healing was founded in 1999 by renowned teacher, philosopher and author, Serge Benhayon. It is practiced throughout many parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the U.S.A. Sacred Esoteric Healing courses are held throughout the year through Universal Medicine.

The healing quality of a Sacred Esoteric Healing session

is held by the integrity of the practitioner and their own dedication towards healing within their own life. In other words, healing can only take place where a practitioner has done the work on his or her own self.


Rebecca Poole's experience

with healing

I have studied many different healing techniques and spiritual practices throughout my life. In my early teenage years, I was exposed to various natural and traditional therapies as well as healing modalities of the spiritual new-age movement. They were in many ways quite seductive and tantalising, as I had so many unanswered questions to life, and these practices seemed to go some way toward offering answers. For just over a decade, I fervently pursued these and committed myself to a spiritual path of healing.

I have always been able to feel energy and through the various spiritual practices, I could feel a change in my own energy and some relief of my symptoms. What was taking place was a real experience and so at the time, I believed it was true. What is telling is that I had become reliant on meditation practices to get through my stressful day, yet I wasn't any closer to healing the dynamics that set this up. I couldn't honestly say that I was in better shape after a decade of healing with spiritual knowledge. Contrary to feeling content within, I was on an endless search to find the next healing book or course that was going to offer me more.

I now know that not all energetic healing is

created equal

And the quality of energy found in any healing modality or practitioner must be discerned as to whether it is truly healing. Just because something looks or sounds good and can offer relief, doesn't make it a true way of healing. In fact, I have found that many healing practices are pursued from an identification or glamour and do not hold the fundamentals of true healing: energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. What continues to inspire me about Sacred Esoteric Healing and its founder, Serge Benhayon, is a real and tangibly lived quality founded on energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. The true and lasting change that Sacred Esoteric Healing has brought to my life is undoubtable, with renewed contentment within, a deepening of my relationships with others, and the exquisite quality in which I connect with people and engage with the world around me.


As a healing


I am completely dedicated to living in a way that ensures my presence is not only clear and unimposing, but that each and every session offers clients a quality of presence, words, touch, and vibration that serve to re-ignite a connection back to their soul.

"Many spiritual healing modalities including reiki, kinesiology, hands of light, channelling, guides, meditation, chakras, tarot, angels, fairies, affirmations, etc were exciting to learn and seemed to offer me (and others) a temporary fix to the tension we felt, but beyond this, offered no true or lasting quality of love and contentment in our bodies, an ease in every aspect of life, or a truly purposeful and vibrant way of living".

Rebecca Poole



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