Connective Tissue


a healing modality that addresses physical aches, pains, injuries and disease, as well as stress and emotional conditions.

Both the physical and emotional are healed by working energetically on underlying stressors and imprints held in our body. Healing these underlying energetic conditions supports our muscles, organs and connective tissue to release tension and pain.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

in 5 minutes

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a healing modality that addresses physical aches, pains, injuries and disease, as well as stress and emotional conditions. Both the physical and emotional are healed by working energetically on underlying stressors and imprints held in our body. Healing these underlying energetic conditions supports our muscles, organs and connective tissue to release tension and pain. Treatments are gentle and profoundly relaxing, with the technique itself involving gentle movements designed to work with specific muscles, organs and tissues within the body. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy supports with physical conditions such as neck pain, shoulder tension, musculoskeletal injuries, inflammation, arthritis and chronic pain. It also has great success in supporting people before and after medical operations, and through the stress and tensions of everyday life.

Our connective tissue is made up of a delicate and intricate network

That supports every part of the body, from the tiniest cell to the largest bone, muscle and organ, connecting our entire body. It is a strong but fine, fluid-like web that is continuously responding to what is needed, making it an important part of the structure, integrity, nutrient distribution and connectivity of our body.


connective tissue


Our connective tissue is extremely important and if we don’t care for it, it becomes dense, contracted and loses its fluidity. This contributes greatly to chronic aches, pains, slower healing, unwanted postural changes and a lack vitality throughout the entire body.

Our connective tissue system has been overlooked for many decades, seen as not much more than a packing filler within the body.

Through more recent discoveries we are starting to appreciate the pivotal role that connective tissue plays in the entire functioning and health of our body. Researchers are now beginning to look at connective tissue as an organ in and of itself, with an integral role in the connectivity of the entire body.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a healing modality that works directly on the energetic state of the connective tissue system. It re-establishes the natural flow throughout, which creates spaciousness within the dense and contracted tissue, reinstating its responsiveness to movement and change within the body structure.

Chronic Pain &

Connective Tissue

Pain is an important part of our body's functioning as it provides a way for our body to communicate to us that something is wrong. However, in some cases this feedback system results in people experiencing what is known as chronic pain, with seemingly little to no reason for why this is the case. Chronic pain can be severely debilitating and impact significantly on a person's quality of life, requiring a lot of inner-strength to deal with on a day to day basis. For some clients, treatment offers little support; patients and doctors/therapists alike can become frustrated with lack of outcomes. There is a lot we do not know about pain and while there are many theories, there is still no consensus that provides definitive answers. Connective tissue has long been overlooked regarding its role within the mechanics of pain and only recently have we started to delve more into this.

Connective tissue is found from head to toe, being the most abundant, widely distributed and varied tissue in our body. Most of our connective tissue is malleable by nature, constantly responding to its environment, changing its delicate and intricate patterns within the web-like structure to ensure harmonious tissue movements and a healthy environment for other tissues to grow. Tension, stress, emotions and physical trauma all change the quality of our connective tissue, which contributes significantly to pain. Chronic pain can be addressed on a physical, emotional and energetic level and this level of care is necessary when providing support for people who have typically not responded well to other treatment modalities.

What should I expect with

Connective Tissue Therapy?

Within a connective tissue therapy session

Clients feel deeply relaxed and they experience a "letting-go" sensation from within their body. This is similar to the feeling of letting go we experience when we have a problem that resolves and feel like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We can feel the tension lift or melt away as the energetic heaviness and pressure leaves us.

In Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy the practitioner supports the release of tension held within a client's body by restoring the true fiery flow of energy, leaving the connective tissue web more supple and spacious.


Our environment is communicating to us all of the time, no matter who we are or where we go. Most people have experienced a change in how they are left feeling after certain situations and / or being around certain people. For example, we feel heavy in some situations and uplifted in others. If you pay attention you will find that your body is actually responding to the energy of your environment all of the time.

True healing occurs when a practitioner lives in a way that ensures that their energy is clear and their presence is unimposing. It is this energetic clarity that facilitates true healing to take place through different bodywork techniques.

Working as a healer takes a commitment

to healthy and clean living

As well as the honesty to continuously deal with "your stuff" i.e. your problems and issues. A treatment cannot be healing in nature if the practitioner is not clear of the issue the client presents with, and therefore cannot offer a presence that is clear and uplifting. For example, a practitioner would not offer any true healing to a client who struggles with emotional eating if they themselves had emotional eating habits. Nor would an anxious and stressed practitioner be able to offer any true healing for a client experiencing the same.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Training in Brisbane


Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a technique that integrates the understandings of the physical body with a depth of mastery in energetic healing. It is not a spiritual or new age approach to the body, instead it is a very practical healing modality that works with the body on a physical and energetic level. It honours the fact that we are more than just cells; there is an energetic and emotional aspect that directly affects our physical body, particularly our connective tissue. For more information on training, you can contact Rebecca Poole through our contact page.

When working with energy...

A healer cannot just turn a switch on or off, they must live with energetic clarity both inside and outside of the treatment room. Otherwise, what is presented to a client is merely a persona and not truly a healing presence. When you work in-truth as a healer, you commit in full to practice what you preach, and this is felt in and held by your presence.

Rebecca Poole's

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy experience

"When I started working with the body, I spent some time specialsing in musculoskeletal disease and disorders, I worked as an acupuncturist and with deep tissue techniques and oriental massage. I naturally had a great feel for the physical body and massage seemed second nature. I found that most clients with muscular tension and pain loved the deep tissue massage style.

In some ways, this deep type of massage was brutal; like having an arm wrestle with a tight muscle, forcing it into a somewhat less tense state. Clients generally loved these treatments as it provided relief for a couple of days, sometimes even weeks.


I gradually started to feel this wasn't truly

supporting my clients

And even though they were happy with the results, I knew there was more. I began to incorporate biomechanical training into my work, and introduced techniques that involved posture, movement, workstation set-up, exercises and stretches. This added to clients results, however I didn’t feel that this was truly getting to the bottom of their muscular tension and pain.

In 2008, my approach radically changed as I started to study the gentle yet powerful Universal Medicine modalities. This offered a comprehensive approach to the body that worked from the inside out, and not applying brutal force from the outside in. I found that the body as a whole could be supported to relax from within as the energetic impost of stress and anxiety were cleared from the body, specifically from the muscles and connective tissue.

"Seeing that the benefits were profound and sustainable, I decided to move entirely to this way of practice. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy has become my technique of choice for chronic pain, muscular tension and musculoskeletal injuries."

- Rebecca Poole

clinic owner

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