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We don't see work as something we have to get through. We love people, we love life and we love our work. To work with us is an opportunity to not only develop great skills and experience . . . it is also an opportunity to enjoy everything that life delivers.



Health Receptionist

We are looking for a junior trainee to join our amazing team of health and well-being professionals. If you are responsible, caring, reliable, dynamic and looking to grow personally and professionally then this is the job for you. The traineeship will include at work training as well as an online Certificate III in Business Administration (medical). We are looking for someone who can start part-time in March and work up to full time in April. You will need a current drivers license and be confident driving as you will have regular errands to run.

You will learn how to . . .

  • Answer phones
  • Communicate with clients
  • Re-book consults
  • Take payment
  • Use accounting software
  • Pay Invoices
  • Order stock
  • Perform stock take
  • Organise events
  • Manage our website
  • Provide tech support to clients

learn about

health and well-being

It is not always easy to know how to take the next step with your health. What type of practitioner do you see? Who do you see? What advice do you listen to?

There can be a lot of factors to consider and advice coming at you from all different angles. Your role as a health receptionist is an important one and often you will be the first person that a client sees or speaks to from the practice.

During your time working with us at the clinic you will learn a great deal about health, well-being, nutrition, supplements, diet, naturopathy, massage and healing therapies. You will use this knowledge to support clients to choose the practitioner that is best suited for them.

learn about

the body

You will be a support to our naturopaths and support with liaising with pathology companies, entering data and results and supporting clients with their next steps. Functional tests are different from standard medical tests; they are not necessarily looking for a disease state, or to make a diagnosis, but provide an indication of how well the body is functioning.

You will learn about our philosophy on health, wellness and healing.We have experienced practitioners that you will have the opportunity to learn from every day.


We love our staff and our staff love us


Rebecca brings a sense of warmth and calm not only with patients but also to everyone who works with her. You can tell this through the lovely team working at the Health Healing Life Clinic. I felt very supported over many years working as a receptionist, with the whole team offering wisdom, guidance and a non-judgemental environment. Working at the clinic not only expanded my administration skills but also greatly expanded my personal life. What I loved about working at the Health Healing Life Clinic is that everything seemed to flow. Unlike other health clinics there isn’t a culture of stress or anxiety. This sense of ease helped me to be productive, achieve admin tasks and really enjoy working. It was the type of job where I always looked forward to coming to work in the morning.


I have worked many and varied jobs over the last 15 years and I have never felt as supported, happy and valued in a work place as I do here. This is both due to the wonderful team of people I work with as well as the lovely clients that we have. As the clinic has grown, my role has expanded over the years and allowed me to step up, learn new things and grow in my professional life as well as my personal one.

It feels very bittersweet to be stepping away from the clinic to have a baby but I know I will be involved with the clinic is some capacity for a while yet, as I’m so incredibly supported to do so by Rebecca and I genuinely want to be involved in some way as I love what we do here and all that we offer.


I have worked with Rebecca for nearly a year now and loved every minute of it. Being my first job, I was quite nervous walking in and meeting everyone but I was welcomed both by Rebecca, her amazing family, the team and the clients.

Throughout the year, Rebecca has not only welcomed me into her team, she has also shared her extensive, passionate knowledge of the health industry giving me inspiration to want to work in the health industry. Her love for working with people shines through. An amazing business that provides clients a way to find the lightness they once had as a child again. It’s been a pleasure working with Rebecca and the team.


Do you have these qualities?

  • You love people
  • You care about health
  • You love the feeling of working and contributing towards something
  • You are detailed and thorough
  • You present well and take care of yourself
  • You are a hard worker
  • Open and friendly
  • Able and willing to take direction and also work independently
  • An interest in technology


Work with us!

Hi, I am delighted that you are interested in working with us. Please read through the following steps thoroughly to know how to apply to work with us.

STEP 1: Re-read this page to get a good feel for what we are looking for and how you feel you align to this.

STEP 2: Read through our 2 websites and as this will give you even further understanding of who we are, our values and purpose.

STEP 3: Write an introduction email telling us why you would like to work with us, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses and why you feel like working with us is your next step in life.

STEP 4: Send your introduction email and your resume to

Be yourself and enjoy the process.

Warm regards,