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Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultations - we treat the whole of you

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Thank you for booking your naturopathy appointment with us and we are looking forward to supporting you with your health.


We have prepared some paperwork for you to fill in before your consultation. Please click on the relevant button below to download your first consult form. It's best to complete your form early and email it back to the clinic so that we can have a look at it before your consult but if this is not possible. If there is anything that you are unsure about on the form, please leave it blank and you can discuss it further at your appointment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.


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Download your relevant paperwork

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Click one of the red buttons to download the appropriate paperwork for your consultation.
  2. Your clinic consent form and covid check form to fill out closer to your appointment (keep an eye out for this).
  3. Print your paperwork, fill it in and scan it back to us using a scanner, or you can also use the cam scanner app downloadable free here.


To attend your online consultation all you will need to do is click the link you received in your initial booking confirmation email. You can click this at the start of your appointment.
You can also send us:
  • a list of your current prescriptions
  • supplements you are taking
  • any recent pathology test results

If you are able to send these through to us prior to consultation that is great. Otherwise you are also able to these with us during your consult.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

What should I expect with

Naturopathic treatment?


Your first appointment usually involves an in-depth discussion, including your current and past health history. We piece together everything that has led you to being where you are today.

We discuss:

  • A thorough case history, including relevant current, past and family history
  • Pathology results, determining the need for further testing
  • Possible causes
  • Next steps
  • Relevant dietary, lifestyle and environmental modifications to support your healing and to remove obstacles to recovery
  • Supplements or herbal remedies, as required
  • Referrals, as required

Typically the duration of a first consultation will be 1.5 hours in length, although children may not need as long.

Our Unique Approach

to Nutrition


Food can be supportive on its own – it’s essential we get the foundation right, but this is only one aspect of what we do. Through a holistic combination of nutrition, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle modifications, we address whole body systems (gut, skin, immune & reproductive system), and offer a greater depth of enquiry into the body and person.

A person’s symptoms come about because of a disruption to harmony within the body, otherwise known as homeostasis, the body’s inbuilt mechanism to return to a natural state of balance. However, over time and for a variety of reasons, including genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, an imbalance can develop within a particular organ, or within or between body systems. The resulting symptoms and signs of imbalance do not necessarily produce clinically recognised conditions. In other words, you know you don’t feel quite right; you have dis-ease, not a medically diagnosed disease.

Naturopathy aims to restore balance, aiding the body’s natural homeostatic process, and can therefore be applied to a wide range of concerns (see below). It can also be used to help provide support for many chronic conditions.

Sandi Cooper's Experience

as a naturopath

Sandi completed her Bachelor of Health science in Naturopathy in 2002. She has been in private practice ever since and as such has over 15 years clinical experience. Sandi is highly devoted to continuing to deepen her understanding and knowledge of health and natural approaches to disease. She is regularly researching various conditions to support her patients, attending conferences and seminars, and invests a significant amount of time and money into doing so. At times, she’s found speaking to small groups or running workshops on various topics such as gut health, healthy eating and children’s nutrition.

A major focus of Naturopathy is wellness, and prevention of future disease. Good health is so much more than just the absence of disease. To many, being healthy is not having a diagnosed medical condition, or simply being able to get up and keep going each day regardless of the quality of how they can do this. At Medicinal Healing we truly believe that wellness is so much more than not being sick.