Courtney Rijsdijk



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Courtney Rijsdijk

(pronounced rise-dike)

Courtney has been supporting people with their health since 2008, after graduating with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Courtney has a natural feel for the body and her clients often remark on how amazing her hands feel and how well she knows their body.

“Treating the body should be about treating the whole body in its entirety, not just segregated parts. Whilst Remedial Massage plays a vital role in assisting the body to heal physically and functionally, I have always known that there is more to the body than it's structural make up. I have a love for Chakra-puncture and I am constantly astounded at the profound changes I see within my clients when I combine Chakra-puncture and Remedial Massage. With this, people experience true healing from a whole body approach.”

Courtney has worked in several multi-modality clinics


Courtney has gained experience and knowledge of how the body works and how to best support difficult and /or chronic chronic conditions.

“In these cases a multi-faceted approach is necessary with inflammatory, structural and healing processes all considered.”

Courtney enjoys working with patients of all ages and gender


She has a true passion for helping people through assisting their body to heal itself. She has found that without a holistic approach, complaints can be 'fixed', only to return a couple months later, even returning in a slightly different disguise. Courtney has found that it is only through looking at the body in a "bigger picture" view that you can make traction with some of these more stubborn conditions.

Courtney has struggled with eczema and allergies for the majority of her life and had spent much of her life searching for answers and fixes. After trying many treatment options she found that a combination of medical intervention and natural therapies gave her the most support and relief from her constantly inflamed and aggravated skin.

“Even though my skin has improved a lot, there has been no complete cure for my eczema and this has been frustrating at times. I can however, honestly say that having eczema has made me look more closely at who I am and what I am about, without this I wouldn't have the awareness of the bigger picture and the responsibility for health that I have now.”

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Illness can challenge us

to heal in a way we never thought possible


“Through understanding and learning about chakra-puncture, I now look at the bigger picture and not just the surface issues or solely focus on finding an end result. Instead, I have an appreciation for being comfortable in my own skin and taking responsibility for my own health and each stage of healing my body has to offer. I enjoy my healthy lifestyle and the dedication I have in supporting myself with food and my daily life choices.”

Self Care

Understanding what supports us to stay healthy, vital and connected is extremely important.


We do this by developing a relationship with our body and by listening and paying attention to how our body feels as often as we can. This level of self care has an immense impact personally and if we think about it, an increase in self care would have an immeasurable impact globally. Increasing personal responsibility for health would no doubt create a lot more healthy and vital people, inevitably reducing the pressure on our medical system.

It's about the whole of life.

it is important to ensure true care for another person, including what we are bringing to our clients on a daily basis.


Living with integrity for me means simple things like how I go about doing my day to day activities and what quality I am choosing to carry out these activities in. For example, how I get ready for work in the morning or how I put myself to bed to prepare for sleep. In other words, how I live affects my energetic quality that in turn will affect the quality of my work, relationships, friends and family.

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“I have learnt that being in a loving relationship grows you so much personally, as you naturally encourage one another, whether that be in work life or just general life. A two way partnership, is a constant support and also teaches us responsibility and the art of continually stepping up. ”